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oxycodone rage

The cough syrup used contains codeine , a powerful opioid drug , and promethazine, an antihistamine. The concoction is the syrup, a sugary soda such as sprite and hard candy such as Jolly Ranchers. Easy access to ingredients and the drink’s sweetness appeals to teenagers, who are often unaware of the danger. Even more dangerous, users are now adding alcohol to the concoction. Effects of purple drank include constricted pupils, slurred speech, dental problems and addiction. Codeine is in a class of drugs known as opioids . Opioids interact with opioid receptors on nerve cells in the brain and nervous system to produce pleasurable effects and relieve pain. Furthermore, the effects of consuming purple drank containing codeine include a sensation described as ‘a swooning euphoria’. Opioid drugs such as codeine are highly addictive. Opioid addiction  is a leading contributor to the drug overdose epidemic in America. Every day, more than 115 Ecstasy people die from an opioid overdose. Alarmingly, more than 3 million  adolescents and young adults have used non-prescription cough and cold medicines to get high. This number compares to LSD. Because access to cough medicine is legal, it is hard to track how many teens are http://dasharina141ddg.nanobits.org/addicted-to-prescription-drugs-will-aetna-ppo-cover-my-recovery-center using purple drank. If you are a parent, educate yourself on purple drank and similar substances popular with kids. Talk to your teens and preteens about drugs and the dangers of purple drank. Keep the lines of communication open and let them know you’re always there for them.


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oxycodone rage